Eragon (2006)

20th Century Fox



Fantasy/Adventure: A farm boy finds a dragon's egg - a discovery that leads him on a mission against evil.

We were assigned the sequence "Approach to the Secret Passage into Varden Rebel Camp". We created conceptual designs for the key locations and later executed the digital environments which included 2.5D matte paintings, 3D waterfalls, compositing and heavy tracking of some helicopter plates.



Production plate from which only the riders were to be used.



The final shot including multiplane matte painting elements and 3D projected textures, 3D waterfalls and the incorporated live action riders. (Utah's amazing natural wonders were used for textures and inspiration.)



Live action plate.



Final composite.



Utah rockface projected on 3D geometry with 3D waterfalls.

The wet look on the rocks is also achieved by 3D texturing

and shading.



Painted element used to drive the 3D shaders creating the wet look and defining the waterfalls' shape.



Live action plate.


Final composite.


Four stages of the 3D waterfall creation:

  • 3D volumetric fractal texture;
  • 3D procedural texture;
  • Maya particles elements;
  • Final composite with some additional filters andsteam enhancement.