Changeling (2008)
Universal Pictures

Clint Eastwood’s provocative thriller set in 1920's Los Angeles, based on actual events.

We were subcontracted by CIS, Vancouver to create establishing matte paintings of 1920's Los Angeles.

The concept painting for the establishing shot.

The final multi-layered matte painting was executed in 7,000 pixels. This allowed to create 2.5 D move down to connect to live action plate on street level.

Layers used for multi-planing. Background is a combination of photographs and painting. Foreground bungalows are built in 3D and additionally painted in Photoshop.

Final composite with additional 3D cars was executed by CIS, Vancouver.

For another panoramic shot we created a matte painting replacing the original location background. The camera move required 9,000 pixels long element.

Final composite with additional elements executed by CIS, Vancouver.