Christov Effects and Design, Inc. combines traditional artistry with the  latest digital technology. We offer creative solutions for visual effects  for film and TV with the emphasis on visual effects design and  conceptual development, visual effects art directing and consultancy.  We are best known for our digital environments and 2D/3D matte painting work.

 The company was created in 2003 by Lubo Hristov who has been  involved in film-making all his professional life. For the last 20 years  he has worked in both London and Los Angeles as Creative Director  for major production houses and visual effects facilities. This has given  him the opportunity to master the process of film-making on every level.   

Over the years Lubo has assembled a team of very talented artists who are at the core of the company in Burbank, California.

Christov Effects and Design, Inc. has  successfully established its place on the highly competitive market of  visual effects. Among our clients are most of the major studios such as  Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Disney, Paramount. Our credits include films such as "Life of Pi", "Argo", "Immortals", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", and "Matrix Revolutions".

We also  work with bigger visual effects facilities as part of their pipeline to  create the look and to supervise the execution of the most sophisticated visual effects and digital environments.